Smiles Squad

Smiles Squad is our junior executive team consisting of 10 students who work to spread smiles to children and youth across the Greater Hamilton Area! Members attend weekly 1-1.5 hour meetings and assist in various club events. In the past, members have helped with events such as Locks for Love, Arts and Crafts at the McMaster Children’s Hospital, and bake sales. The team collaborates with the senior executives in preparing for our annual fundraising events and is in charge of running its own community engagement initiatives in the greater Hamilton area. 

Although we won’t be able to offer in-person events for the foreseeable future, the Smiles Squad subcommittee will continue to move forward with an exciting online initiative for Fall 2021! This year, Smiles Squad will be designing and creating a themed activity book for the children and youth at McMaster Children’s Hospital and schools across Hamilton! 

On the right are descriptions of the two community events that Smiles Squad runs annually: Pumpkin Hike and Hospital Carnival. Currently, these events are on hold, however, as we transition back to campus, they may be brought back!

Pumpkin Hike

Pumpkin Hike is a Halloween-themed event held in late October. After a fun hike along Cootes Paradise held by the McMaster Maroons, Smiles Squad sets up games and crafts for the children and families of George R. Allan Public School. This annual event attracts hundreds of local students and their families!


Spring and Winter Carnival

Each year, Smiles Squad runs a carnival at McMaster Children’s Hospital in late March. The carnival offers games, crafts, and prizes to patients and their siblings or visitors. We create an inclusive environment where even bed-ridden children get a chance to come out of their rooms, forget their illness for some time, and have a great time!