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McMaster Children's Hospital Arts and Crafts Program

Since its foundation in 1988, McMaster Children's Hospital has served the unique healthcare needs of children using a family-oriented model of care. Its focus on evidence-based care, collaborative research, and innovative education has made the hospital one of the top pediatric health science centres in Canada. Each year, McMaster Children's Hospital serves over 210,000 patients from the greater Hamilton area and beyond.

For over a decade, Smiling Over Sickness has been collaborating with McMaster Children's Hospital to run our weekly arts and crafts program, which provides fun and interactive activities for patients and their families. Our passionate volunteers and their creative craft ideas bring great joy to patients during their hospital stay.

Responsibilities of Regular Volunteers

  • Attend arts and craft sessions every other week with patients from McMaster Children’s hospital. Each session will be approximately 1 to 2 hours long.

  • Pick up necessary craft supplies from a local store 

  • Attend 1-hour volunteer meetings online every other week.

Responsibilities of Group Leaders

On top of the responsibilities of regular volunteers, group leaders have the following additional roles:

  • Coordinate volunteers and lead each art and crafts session.

  • Submit craft ideas and list of materials to Hospital Arts and Crafts Coordinator 

  • Plan one special event each semester for the patients

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