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Ron Joyce Children's Health Centre

The Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre (RJCHC) is a site of McMaster Children’s Hospital focused on providing a range of outpatient services focused on child rehabilitation and developmental health. The RJCHC serves families living in the local Hamilton community and throughout the region of Southern Ontario. In addition to providing outpatient care across the fields of physiotherapy, prosthetics and a number of rehab and developmental health clinics, the centre also has an extensive activity and event program for its patients. The event programming run by the centre allows patients to develop a sense of community at the RJCHC, but as well, helps to augment their on-going treatment at the centre.
Under this program, SOS volunteers will be Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) Volunteers and will help to facilitate weekly and seasonal programming at the centre. 


In previous years, volunteers have helped to facilitate both in-person weekly programming at the centre, as well as larger-scale in-person seasonal events. In-person weekly programming includes cooking classes and cheer practices, while seasonal programming includes designing custom Halloween costumes for an accessible Trick-Or-Treat event, and local performances around the community! Volunteers have also run an online multimedia skills program working directly with patients from Ron Joyce. More volunteer opportunities will be available throughout the year as the RJCHC plans out their programming in more detail.

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